Our company is founded off of a set of beliefs. Firstly we believe in quality. The craftsmanship that goes into the making of our flagship ranges is second to none. Each piece of wood used in the construction of our furniture is individual.

Our Fundamentals

Quality materials and solid craftsmanship are fundamental to our beliefs. Traditional and time-kept methods of construction make for a better, longer lasting product. Dovetail drawers and traditionally jointed frames make for the highest quality finish.

Wherever possible we source from the UK, promoting business from within and reinvestment within our own economy. This is also important to us, as cheaper foreign imports lead to a shorter life of products and therefore the necessity to replace them.

High Quality

Thirdly we aim to have the best staff to install the products in your home. A job worth doing is a job worth doing well. We hope that we find the right mix between quality and cost so that everyone who comes to us will find great value in their purchase. The fact that we have purchased our own premises, unlike most, should show our commitment to a long lasting business built on solid performance and value for money. We hope to be performing as well today as we do in 10 years time and this forms the basis of our guarantee.

We will offer you a high quality product, which will carry it’s own guarantee. Some are as long as 20 years, and each can be explained as to why they hold such a promise. Because, unlike many competitors, we will still be here when your guarantee runs out.

So buy from us today and rest assured that the best materials have been crafted by the best craftsmen available into the most solid of products we can supply to you, and then installed by the best local tradesmen. Guaranteed.

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